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We at the Anderson Bat Company know that our ongoing success depends on the health of our sport and we are dedicated to giving back to the diamond sports community. Anderson Bat Company is flooded with requests for sponsorship on a daily basis. Traditional sponsorship, however, is problematic in that there is no real way to be sure where all of donated funds are spent. Throwing money after nothing does little to support our sport. We came to the conclusion that competition and player development is the key.

So we at Anderson Bat decided to dedicate ourselves to a two fold goal. We resolved first to dedicate ourselves to the advancement of the competition by building a baseball and softball program that improves the level of competition by fielding highly skilled teams. More importantly we resolved to commit ourselves to player development by building character using the medium of diamond sports as a tool to teach young athletes in a way that makes them better, more productive human beings.

And so, Team Anderson was born. Team Anderson consists of teams, clubs and organizations supported by Anderson Bat Company that embody our philosophy on player development and commitment to the continued growth of diamond sports. Some notable Team Anderson members are:

Anderson Bat Company - Cal State Northridge Anderson Bat Company - Anderson Bat National Classic Anderson Bat Company - University of Wisconsin Badgers Softball
Cal State University Northridge Matadors Baseball Anderson Bat National Classic University of Wisconsin Badgers Softball
Anderson Bat Company - Anderson Heat Softball Anderson Bat Company - Fullerton Junior College Softball Anderson Bat Company - Team Anderson Showcase Baseball
Anderson Heat Softball Fullerton Junior College Softball Team Anderson Showcase Baseball
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